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Hair loss chain reaction

Img_Hair loss chain reaction

A scientific discovery has been made that highlights a phenomenon, which causes a hair loss chain reaction: micro-irritation. This is induced by repeated stress, which causes an excessive production of free radicals.

Imperceptible and painless micro-irritation

Hair loss, particularly in men, is often genetic. In that case, it is called androgenetic alopecia and is caused by the hair follicles’ genetic sensitivity to androgens. Other factors can also play a role in a hair loss, such as harsh shampoos or an imbalanced diet. The most recent dermatological discovery: micro-irritation is responsible for the  acceleration of hair loss in men and women. When confronted with repeated  stress, micro-irritation appears right underneath the scalp’s surface. Imperceptible and painless, this micro-irritation causes a chain reaction that spreads to the hair bulb. In reaction to this micro-irritation, the skin tissue contracts around the hair bulb, which is then less effectively irrigated and nourished. Consequence: the hairstrands become thinner and start to fall out.

Stress factors: fatigue, pollution and the sun

Internal stress and external stress directly affect the scalp. Internal stress may be induced by psychological or emotional fatigue, overwork, change of season or even a lack of sleep. External stress includes poorly adapted hair care treatments, regular blow drying and styling, pollution, UV rays... The scalp holds this stress in its tissue, which then leads to the excessive production of free radicals. In response to the stimuli exerted by the threat of free radicals, pro-inflammatory chemical agents are produced, which then generate this imperceptible phenomenon on the scalp’s surface: micro-irritation. Active ingredients can eliminate micro-irritation at its source and prevent it from reaching the hair bulb.


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